Freestyle Park Rules

Freestyle Trampoline Park Rules

We want everyone to have fun at Freestyle Trampoline Parks and we are committed in providing Fitness and Fun in a safe and controlled environment!


We ask for your Co-operation in following our 5 Main Rules so that you can FLY IN S.T.Y.L.E!

  • SAFETY: Remember, Safety First, Second and Third.
  • TRICKS: Never perform extreme Tricks or moves unless you have had professional training!
  • YOUR ABILITY: Always jump within your skill and ability!
  • LANDINGS: Always Plan your Landing, making sure you land with both feet together, flat on your back or bum!
  • ENVIRONMENT: We want everyone at Freestyle to have fun, please be aware of your environment at all times and make sure you are aware of other jumpers and treat the park and its staff with respect!


To ensure that we can control access to the park at all times, we ask that all customers familiarise themselves with the following rules before you visit Freestyle Trampoline Parks.

No one can jump if:

  • If they have not signed a waiver or not had a waiver signed on their behalf (under 16s).
  • If they are under the age of 4 WITHOUT AN ADULT* .
  • If they are not wearing the correct colour wristband for allocated time.
  • If they have not watched the safety video
  • If they are pregnant.
  • If they have a cast/ splint on one of their limbs.
  • If they are under the influence of Drugs or Alcohol.
  • If they are over the recommended weight limits put in place by Freestyle Trampoline Parks (18.5 Stone).
  • If they are under the age 12 and NOT accompanied by a parent or guardian (spectator or jumper).
  • If they are wearing any jewellery, sharp objects (e.g. Studded Belts).
  • If they are in ill health or have been advised by a medical professional that they are not fit for the activity.


The Freestyle Arena

Our Court Monitors are in place to ensure that the rules put in place by Freestyle Trampoline Parks are adhered to at all times, in the interest of safety please cooperate with our Monitors and report anyone breaking the rules immediately. If you are found to be breaking the rules, you may be asked to leave the park.

Please remember to empty all pockets before you enter the Trampoline Court, all personal belongings including Mobile Phones, Personal Recording devices, Keys and Wallets must be placed in the lockers provided. Freestyle Trampoline Parks hold no responsibility to lost or damaged equipment in result of the activity provided.

Main Court Rules

  • One person per a trampoline.
  • Do not jump onto another trampoline unless it is empty.
  • Do not jump out of the Orange Safety Lines or on the padded areas.
  • No running.
  • No racing.
  • No gainers (Opposite rotation within motion).
  • No climbing up the walls (Trampoline Beds).
  • No double flips.
  • No Double Bouncing.
  • No food or drink is to be taken on the courts.
  • Landings must be planned and must always be with on 2 Feet, Front, Back or Bum.
  • No boisterous behaviour (including tackling and wrestling).
  • No Resting on the trampoline beds.


  • Jumpers must land on your back or bum.
  • Glasses worn whilst using the airbag, are done so at your own risk. (removal is advisable)
  • Jumpers must be aged 4 or over to jump into the Airbag (any particpating customers with a toddler wristband will be refused entry to the airbag)
  • No gainers (Opposite rotation within motion).
  • No Double Flips or back flips.
  • No head first dives off the Launch Pads/Trampoline.
  • Jumps from the Launch pad must be from a forward facing, standing position.
  • A Maximum of 2 persons to be in the Airbag at any one time.
  • No Backflips off any of the Trampolines or into the Airbag.
  • Participants must clear the air bag immediately after they have completed the activity.

Slam Dunk

  • No Flips or Tricks are to be permitted in the area.
  • A maximum of 1 person per trampoline at all times.
  • Basketball must not be removed from this area.
  • Do not kick the balls.
  • Only throw the Basketballs from your hands.
  • Do not hang on the basketball hoops.
  • Only 1 basketball per lane.
  • Do not jump directly under the basketball hoop or backboard.
  • During peak times this activity will be time restricted.

Reaction Wall

  • This is a 1v1 game only.
  • No Flips or tricks are permitted in this area of the park.
  • Do not jump directly underneath the reaction board keep a minimum of arm’s length away at all time.
  • During Peak times, this activity will be time restricted.

Traversing Wall

  • A maximum of 4 people are allowed to use the Traversing Wall at any one time.
  • No flips or tricks are to be performed in this area of the park.
  • No flips or Jumps are to be performed into the foam matts.
  • Only attempt the route appropriate to your skill level.
  • Do not climb directly underneath other participants using the Traversing Wall.
  • Only climb using the fixtures provided. Do not climb on the top of the Wall.
  • During Peak Times, this activity will be time restricted.

Gladiator Beam

  • A maximum of 2 people per podium are permitted on this activity at any 1 time (Maximum 4 in this area).
  • For any organised activity, participants must be put in age/size appropriate capacity.
  • No flips or jumps are to be performed directly off the Battle Beam.
  • No head Shots or forward jabs, keep it friendly.
  • Participants must clear the foam area immediately.

Due to the accessibility and environment provided at Freestyle, inexperienced jumpers may be inclined to attempt acrobatic manoeuvres that they are not familiar with. If we see anyone with any of the following characteristics, then we will ask them to stop immediately!

  • Acting in an un-controlled Manner.
  • Acting in an out of control Manner.
  • Attempting potentially dangerous manoeuvres that could affect themselves and other customers.
  • Acting in an aggressive or intimidating manner towards other jumpers & Freestyle Employees.

Our Court Monitors enforce a strict ‘Three Strike Policy. If you are found to be breaking the rules you will be asked to leave the Freestyle Arena and will not be allowed access back into the Session.

We hope you enjoy your Time at Freestyle Trampoline Park, with your cooperation, we can create a safe and fun environment to all our Jumpers.


Please also watch our Safety video.